• Natural – Leather is one of the oldest materials – that’s why we all love its smell!
  • Handmade – Uniquely yours, my creations will age beautifully with you.
  • Durable – Made to last a lifetime, then to be passed on to your children.

COVID-19 is affecting us all, but I’m still making leather goods from my home workshop. I aim to head to the post office just once a week, to minimise contact with others and so reduce the risk of spreading the virus. I wash my hands regularly and observe all of our Government’s regulations, and more, to keep myself and you safe. Please drop me a line if you have any questions.

This notebook cover is a Work of Art. It was hand made from selected English leather, and finished according to my preference. After a week, it is just beginning to darken and show signs of use, almost imperceptibly. As Tony says, this will continue for years, indeed decades. It has that natural smell of vegetable tanned leather, reminiscent of a Bentley on a summer’s day, while you pour cold champagne for pretty girls in dresses, seamed nylons and complicated hats, watching your old school thrash the enemy at cricket. Use this everywhere. In the desert, at sea, on planes, at your daughter’s graduation, a wake. If you stain it with sea water, claret, the sweat from your brow, yak juice, sushi, tears or champagne, that’s part of the story, as written therein. Do buy one for *your* journey.

This review was posted on Etsy by one of my customers after he bought a leather notebook cover.


Whether it’s a bag design I’ve made before, or something new, I love making bags!

Book Covers

A5/A6/Moleskine/Rite in the Rain and More.

eBook Covers

Keep you eReader safe and make it super cool and stylish!

Wallets & Purses

Lots of different wallets and purses.

Tool Sheaths

Axes, pen-knifes, billhooks, and more. Edge protection in various styles.


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Here’s what I’m selling through my Etsy Shop – mostly made to order.
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 Book Covers

Pet Accessories

Phone, iPad and Gadget Cases

Tool Sheaths and Holsters

Wallets and Purses

Watches and Watch Straps


Please contact me if you’d like something not shown here – I’m always happy to design new bespoke items just for you!

Contact Me

Morgan Leather is owned and run by me, Tony Morgan.

If you have something in mind then drop me an email and we can chat.

I’ve been hand-stitching tool sheaths since 2009 using traditional techniques and now produce a varied selection of leather goods.

The leather mostly comes from cowhides, deer skins and horse leather that is grown and tanned in Britain, The brass and nickel-plated fittings are mostly cast in the Midlands of England. I’ve recently started sewing the leather with waxed linen thread rather than braided polyester (plastic).

I believe very strongly in using as little energy as possible to produce my items and care about the health of our planet, therefore everything is done by hand using materials sourced as locally as possible. I try to keep my designs simple, functional and beautiful with the main aim to make them last a lifetime.

I live with my wife and son in the North West of England.

Morgan Leather Oak Leaf logoThe Oak Leaf logo (designed by a good friend and artist, Jess) represents the leaves and barks used to tan the animal hides that become leather. Some leather I use from Devon is tanned only using oak bark, harvested from Wales and the North West of England. I’ve spent many hours over the years harvesting this oak bark from trees in coppice rotation in South Lakeland, Cumbria, England. This bark was then sold to the Devon tannery and used to tan leather I use. I love the cyclic nature of this!

You may notice that some of my work is stamped with the bM logo. This comes from my days when I worked solely with British hardwood as a “bodger” (someone who turns wood on a foot-powered lathe). In this woody world I’m known as “bodger Morgan”. Gradually, over the years, I morphed more into a leather worker, initially just making tool sheaths, and kept using the bM logo. In 2016 I began doing my leather work under the name of “Morgan Leather”, with a new oak leaf logo…

I still work with wood and willow as Bodger Morgan – more can be found here: www.bodgermorgan.co.uk