About Me and Morgan Leather

A photo of Tony Morgan at work.

Hi! I’m Tony Morgan and I run MORGAN LEATHER – my little leather workshop producing top quality leather goods for lovely people!

My Values

I feel hugely satisfied when I’ve made something beautiful, and then even happier when people also see the beauty themselves! The leather I use has a quality that looks naturally beautiful. All I need to do is cut and sew it in the right places!

I try to keep my designs simple, functional and beautiful. I try to aim for perfection. That way you can experience your own satisfaction at owning or gifting one of my creations.

If you have something in mind then drop me an email and we can discuss your thoughts.

My Story

My leather story began in 2009 when I made my first tool sheaths. That’s when I fell in love with the material and processes. Before then I’d been making mediocre things out of wood! But slowly, as I learnt more skills and gained experience, I realised sewing leather is really my thing. I love it!

The Leather

The leather I use mostly comes from cowhides, deer skins and horse leather that is grown and tanned in Britain, Italy and Spain. The tanning process is natural, using the tannins found in various barks and leaves to turn animal skins into leather. The process takes between one and two years for each hide and each tannery has its own recipes and formulas!

The brass and stainless steel fittings are mostly cast in the Midlands of England and are of the highest quality.

The Oak Leaf logo (designed by a good friend and artist, Jess) represents the leaves and barks used to tan the animal hides that become leather. Some leather I use from Devon is tanned only using oak bark, harvested from Wales and the North West of England. I’ve spent many hours over the years harvesting this oak bark from coppiced trees in South Lakeland, Cumbria, England. This bark was then sold to the Devon tannery and used to tan leather I use. I love the cyclic nature of this!

My old Bodger Morgan logo before 2016

You may notice that some of my older work is stamped with the bM logo. This comes from my days when I worked solely with British hardwood as a “bodger” (someone who turns wood on a foot-powered lathe). In this woody world I’m known as “bodger Morgan”. Gradually, over the years, I morphed more into a leather worker, initially just making tool sheaths, and kept using the bM logo. In 2016 I began doing my leather work under the name of “Morgan Leather”, with a new oak leaf logo you see above.

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