Pocket Knives and Pouches

I’ve had a variety of pocket knives for over a year now. I was meaning to sell them sooner but didn’t get time to make pouches for them until recently. So here they are, ready to buy from my Etsy shop!

These are all EDC (Every Day Carry) knives, meaning that they are fine to carry with you in public as the blades are less than 3 inches long and non-locking.

George Wostenholm knife, made in Sheffield

This knife is the most expensive knife, seeing as it’s actually made in the UK! Non-locking blade less than 3 inches, so safe to carry in the pouch. The pouch either fits in your pocket or attaches to your belt. Available to buy from my Etsy store.

American Buck Ridgeway knife

Another EDC knife. Very stylish with a beautiful wooden handle. Available to buy from my Etsy store.

Whitby olive wood penknife

A very simple and sleek design with smooth wooden handle and non-locking EDC blade. Available to buy from my Etsy store.

Whitby lambs foot shape carbon steel blade

Another EDC blade. Beautiful feel and a blade that can easily be kept sharp. Available to buy from my Etsy store.

Whitby slip joint knife with drop point blade

This knife has a nice chunky and contoured handle. Very useful for a good grip when out in the wet weather. EDC blade, so good to carry with you at all times. Available to buy from my Etsy store.

Italian leather

I decided to make all of these pouches from two different coloured Italian veg-tanned leathers – Amber and Cognac. The Cognac has a lovely antiqued look about it. The amber will develop a darker patina over time. The leather is 2 to 3 mm thick and very durable, but with a subtle non-stiff feel, making it easy to insert and remove your knife without it being overly tight.

I’d be happy to make a bespoke pouch to fit your knife too, either from similar Italian leather or from a firmer British leather. Drop me an email ([email protected]) and we can discuss your requirements.

Please note: I can’t sell knives to people under 18 years old as this is illegal in the UK.