Recent Repair Work

I’ve realised I haven’t posted about some interesting repair work I’ve had over the past 12 months, so here’s a few examples…

Hat Box

The handle was close to breaking apart and the corner wraps needed restitching in place.

Old Holdall

This bag had a broken handle and the corners where the front flap hinged over was cracking and tearing. A previous repair on these corners was causing more craking. The sides needed reinforcing and some surfaces needed treating to get some life back into the leather.

This was by far my favourite item to repair. I was very reluctant to give it back too! What a beauty! It’s now holding the treasurer’s documents for a local Rotary Club so it has a worthwhile job!

Binoculars Case

I forgot to take photos before I repaired this, but there was a broken shoulder strap which I completely replaced, as it was at the end of its life, but used the original buckle. The tabs that hold the shoulder straps in place on either side of the case were broken or missing, so I made and attached new ones.

Mandolin Case

This was an old musical case bought second hand by my customer for his grandson who was learning the mandolin. The spine of the case needed replacing, some of the card-reinforced leather needed re-shaping and some corners re-stitching. The closure clasps needed de-rusting and cleaning up and a new handle fitting.

I absolutely love repairing old items and get an equal amount of satisfaction when the owner is pleased with the results. Email me if you have something that I could maybe repair for you.

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