Old Posts – On My Bodger Morgan Blog

Here are some old posts I stuck on my Bodger Morgan blog…

Leather Sheaths with the Co-op and BHMAT

Learn how to make hard wearing sheaths for your woodworking tools by coming on one of my courses.

A Visit to Baker’s Oak Bark Tannery

In August I was lucky enough to visit Britain’s last oak-bark tannery. They produce top quality leather from Devon’s finest cows using the ancient technique of soaking the hides in oak bark and water. And the great thing is, I peel oak bark with the Coppice Association NW and then sell it to the tannery. So some of that bark was peeled by me!

New Version Billhook Sheath

I’m always looking at how my designs could be improved. Checkout my latest billhook sheath design…

Rub in that Dubbin!

This guide will explain how to get a great finish on your leather.

Plus I’m including a secret recipe for my Morgan Leather Balm!

Morecambe and Wize

High Class VW Campervan Restorers – wow!

I love the VW campervan, especially the T1 and T2, so imagine how chuffed I was to be contacted by Mark Ritson, the director of Morecambe and Wize – Classic Vw Campervan Builders.



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