Some Interesting Recent Commissions

Hi all, hope you’re well! I’m certainly enjoying the warmer and dryer weather at the moment!!

I thought I’d let you know about a few commissions I’ve been working on lately.

Quran Case

I was asked to make a leather case for a very special book, a rare copy of the Quran. It was such an honour!

I made it from chunky UK veg-tanned cowhide to keep it rigid. I dyed the leather dark brown, box-stitched the sides and made my classic tuck-under closure to keep everything where it should be! This should result in a robust case to protect the Quran for many years to come.

Katto Knife Covers

Zak, my son, is a chef, and it’s important to him that he has good equipment to work with. These Katto knives are made in Sheffield to a very high standard. And they’re beautiful too! Obviously I had to make some knife sheaths to keep him and his sharp edges safe!

Plumber’s Roll

This was a tricky project. Twenty tools needed to fit inside a small box within a rucksack tool bag. And this was once they’d been wrapped in leather!

I decided to use one of the thinnest yet toughest leathers I have – Spanish horse skin.

Well, after much head-scratching, measuring and redrawing, I got there. The result is a tight squeeze, but it fits, and over time it should get easier. I’m waiting for feedback from my customer after a couple of months trying it out. Fingers crossed he’s still happy!

Right, back to my stitching clam. ‘Til next time…!

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