Rite in the Rain

I’ve been making these simple leather covers for Rite in the Rain notebooks. If you’ve not heard of these world-renowned notebooks then read on! They are coated with a special substance that means they don’t get wet, and can be written on with a biro or pencil in all weather. I’ve been using them for years and love them.

They’re made in the North West region of USA (Washington State) where they get their fair share of wet weather, so they know what they’re doing. I started using them on outdoor courses years ago when I used to do a lot of greenwood working. If you’re an outdoor person that likes to make notes then these are the booklets for you!

Recently I developed 2 new designs for these books – a vertical flap and side flap (a bit like my Kindle covers!). Here’s a few photos to show you what I mean:


You can order both versions here:

Side Flap or Vertical Flap